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★★★★★ – ForeWord Reviews

The Trauma Tool Kit is a strong addition to psychology and self-help collections, highly recommended.”  – James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

“This book is a treasure containing insight, practical exercises, and a wealth of resources. Consider displaying it prominently among your self-help/recovery merchandise.”Retailing Insight

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In recent years, it has become clearer than ever before that the mind, body and spirit are connected, and that an illness affecting one affects the whole. Because this is a relatively new phenomenon in Western medicine, treatments of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other stress-related disorders have often been woefully inadequate and poorly understood.

The Trauma Tool Kit: Healing PTSD from the Inside Out addresses the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs that arise in healing from traumas of all kinds.

Pease Banitt draws on her decades-long background as a psychotherapist, yoga teacher and alternative healer to provide a compendium of holistic techniques and interventions for healing from traumatic stress set in a yogic philosophical framework.  The Trauma Tool Kit maps out stages of healing from stress-related disorders and provides immediate first-aid techniques that help alleviate the most intense symptoms of traumatic stress in a small amount of time. It shows how the latest findings in neuroscience research supports both ancient and contemporary methods of healing from around the world.

“In The Trauma Tool Kit Susan Pease Banitt concentrates on the physical, spiritual and esoteric dimensions of trauma usually ignored by our mainstream culture and healing practices.  She presents universal dimensions of traumatic injury and recovery as they have been modeled in spiritual and holistic traditions for millennia as well as integrative methods practiced by holistic healers today.  The Trauma Tool Kit is a readable, accessible, comprehensive, ‘user-friendly’ smorgasbord of healing ideas, information and practices that can help guide trauma survivors to wholeness.  Susan Pease Banitt is consistently positive, encouraging and helpful as she guides readers in restoring healing and hope.”
–Edward Tick, Ph.D., author, War and the Soul and The Practice of Dream Healing, Director, Soldier’s Heart

The Trauma Tool Kit is an extremely important book in a very young field –the discipline of helping people heal from trauma using yoga therapeutics. Not only will it serve as the seminal work in this practice, it will remain an example of the highest quality, and at the same time, a profoundly useful guide for front line therapists, case workers and trauma specialists. Tapping into deep clinical experience while at the same time bringing to contemporary audiences the profound details from the science of yoga, Susan Pease Banitt’s The Trauma Tool Kit is professional, thorough, easy to read and totally practical. It will not live on people’s shelves, but will be well read (and re-read) for many years to come.”
–Mark Lilly, founder of Street Yoga (www.streetyoga.org)

The Trauma Tool Kit has the potential to unlock lifelong trauma and buried feelings, to empower both men and women to access the routemaps to their authentic selves. It’s a blueprint for recovery, plain speaking but esoteric. Her style and own journey embody all that is good in east and west. An important book for our times.”
— Farah Damji, author of Try Me

The Trauma Tool Kit is a truly excellent book. Susan Pease Banitt combines her practical experience as a clinical social worker with her extensive knowledge of ancient and modern spirituality to create a fascinating guide to healing the often unrecognized symptoms of stress. Open this book at any page and you’ll find something to draw you in and keep you reading. It truly is a toolkit, packed full of useful information not just for those suffering from PTSD, but for anyone interested in personal and spiritual growth.”
–Ainslie MacLeod, author of The Instruction and The Transformation

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