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Re: Wisdom, Attachment and Love in Trauma Therapy "In this well-written and integrated book, Susan Pease Banitt conveys a conceptual framework integrating principles extracted from contemporary neuroscience, psychology, and philosophic orientations to emphasize the features of successful therapy." Stephen W. Porges, Ph.D.
Wisdom, Attachment, and Love Quote for September
Our ego, that part of ourselves responsible for survival in the world, literally stakes its life on being right. Have you ever been in a fight with a loved one? We can go from intimate lovers to mortal enemies in seconds when our 'rightness' is challenged. People live and die by their uninvestigated thoughts.
Reiki Heals
Integrated Reiki Therapy for PTSD
Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki soothes symptoms of trauma and down regulates the nervous system. Treat yourself to a break from stress and reconnect with your core self in a relaxing session with Susan.
Trauma Tool Kit Quote for September
The most important thing to know about the bliss body is that we experience it when our mind's activity is suspended. It is a state beyond mind, the most blissful, joyful state we all go to regularly if we could only recognize it.

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“Any clinician working in trauma healing ought to have a copy of this book to develop in the art of this work.” Jamie Marich, Ph.D.

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