Trauma Tool Kit Quote for February
The horrors to which people are subjected and to which they subject others are literally endless. Humans are capable of every kind of barbarity and cruelty...I do understand why you might not want to accept your story or tell someone else, but it is so important that you do so for your own healing.
New Trauma Tool Kit Class Beginning January 18th, 2018
Register now for Susan's 8-week class on healing PTSD symptoms in a friendly environment of learning and peer support. This is not group therapy. Lots of tools and laughter guaranteed. Click on the picture for more info.
Reiki Heals
Integrated Reiki Therapy for PTSD
Holy Fire Reiki soothes symptoms of trauma and down regulates the nervous system. Treat yourself to a break from stress and reconnect with your core self in a relaxing session with Susan.
Like tracks in the sand...
Our previous lifetimes have left their mark in our psyche. Susan is trained by Dr. Brian Weiss (as seen on Oprah) to do past life regression therapy to get to the root of traumas and phobias. Look under Services to schedule today or click on the picture.

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